Jacksonville Termite Control


Termites closeup

Termites closeup

Termites are one of the most destructive pests in Florida, especially during swarming season. More homes are damaged each year by termites than by fires, storms and hurricanes combined. Even worse – most homeowner policies don’t cover termite damage. How can you protect yourself? Call Bug Evictors! We can protect your home against these unseen destroyers.

Bug Evictors is the first pest control company in Jacksonville to use the amazing non-intrusive termite inspection device: Termatrac® with T3i.

Termatrac® removes the guess work – we guarantee that if termites are present in your home, Termatrac® will find them and, after treatment, Termatrac® will confirm that our treatment was effective – so termites can’t destroy your home or office.

Don’t trust your most valued possession to just any termite-detection technology – trust Bug Evictors and Termatrac® technology to pinpoint the exact location of the termites and keep your home or office termite free.

Bug Evictors’ licensed professionals provide subterranean termite treatments and prevention programs using the most environmentally-friendly yet effective products available. Depending on the construction of your home, this can include exterior treatment, monitoring, and baiting.


Exterior treatment


We treat the soil around the outside perimeter of your home with Termidor® liquid, creating a treated no-termite zone. Foraging termites contact the in-soil treatment and carry it back to the rest of the colony, where they spread it through their grooming and feeding habits. This eliminates the entire colony in about 90 days.









Monitoring and baiting program


Our trained professionals install in-ground monitors around the outside perimeter of your home or business, which we check regularly for termite activity. If termites are detected, we install specialized baits, which termites eat and carry back to the colony, eliminating it entirely.


Formosan Termites wreak havoc in Jacksonville’s Riverside area


Recently the Women’s Club of Jacksonville was demolished because of a Formosan subterranean termite infestation. This termite species arrived in Florida in the late 1980s and made its first appearance in Jacksonville in 2005.  Read the Story here


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