Got Fleas? We’ll give them their eviction notice.


Itchy, scratchy, dirty, disease ridden and hard to kill – these adjectives describe a common pest in homes, fleas. Fleas are a huge problem in Jacksonville, Florida, and once they’re in your home, they’re really hard to get out. While you can purchase do-it-yourself products, they’re messy, have an overwhelming chemical smell and are often only marginally effective. We guarantee that our Once-a-Year Professional Flea Carpet Treatment gets rid of the pests, or we’ll come back until they’re gone!Bug Evictors specialized Flea Treatment kills fleas, their larvae and hatching eggs in carpets, rooms and furnishings. We treat carpets and crevices where the fleas live and breed but with no harm to you or your pets.

Most do-it-yourself flea control products target adult biting fleas, which account for only about 10% of the total pest population in your carpet. About 90% of the flea population is usually in the egg, larvae and pupae stages.

Our professional flea control treatment kills any adult fleas that come in contact with it within 4 to 6 days. But that’s not enough: the eggs they’ve laid during infestation are little ticking time bombs of nastiness. Eggs are hidden on pets, carpets and furniture, soon hatching into small worm-like larvae. The larvae feed on our professional treatment and die – never reaching the adult stage. This keeps your home and pets the way they should be – flea free!