Heat Treatment & Bed Bugs


Heat treatment has recently become a popular and effective method of getting rid of bed bugs. Bed bugs are especially sensitive to heat when itis applied to the affected area in an even, safe way. Proper heat treatment can eradicate an entire colony of bed bugs.

How Does Heat Kill Bed Bugs?


While every creature can be killed by heat at different temperatures, bed bugs have a lower tolerance than most. Being subjected to a constant temperature of 113°F (45°C) for sixty minutes can eradicate a bed bug colony.

There are a few different methods of applying that kind of heat to a bed, sofa, or even an entire room. Steam can be used for small, local areas. Different types of professional heaters used by trained technicians are most effective for larger areas and whole rooms.

Heat Treatment as a Home Remedy


Looking online for bed bug removal help will end up in articles stating that heat treatment can be done as a home remedy, using a hair dryer, steam cleaner, space heater, or even your home’s heating system to kill the bed bug colony by yourself. Some people may have had success with this but many more have failed because of the inability to apply a constant, even heat to a large enough area to kill the whole colony.

Not only that, but using your hair dryer or space heater for something other than what they were made for is dangerous and can result in damage and injury. Steam cleaners can burn you or the item you are using it on, and using your home’s heating system to try and reach the temperatures needed for effective bed bug removal is nearly impossible, expensive, and dangerous. You can even catch your house on fire using heat treatment as a home remedy. If you want to safely and successfully eradicate a colony of bed bugs using heat, you must get the help of a professional pest control agent.

Professional Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs


At Bug Evictors, we use heat treatment along with our other treatments, or sometimes as a stand-alone treatment, depending on each individual circumstance. Our steamers produce steam more than 200°F –more than enough to kill bed bugs and their eggs on contact.

Our heat treatment is safe, non-toxic, and can kill all bed bug life stages, including their eggs. It is one of the most effective methods of exterminating bed bugs. Call us TODAY for details and a free inspection.


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