Bed Bugs Health Hazards

Bed Bugs Health Hazards – More Than Just Itching


You probably feel sick just thinking about having blood sucking bed bugs crawling around in your bed. Finding out you actually have bed bugs is sickening, too. It means that you will have to spend time, effort, and money to resolve the problem, which can be stressful on it’s own. Health officials, however, warn not to delay treating a bed bug infestation. The most common symptoms of bed bug bites are not life-threatening. But there are more serious bed bugs health problems that can arise from an untreated bed bug infestation that you should be aware of.



Most people have a reaction to bed bug bites that includes redness, itchiness, and irritation. This is a normal response from the body’s immune system. But in people who are allergic, the immune system reacts much more severely. Allergic reaction can cause extreme itchiness, hives, swelling, and bleeding. In some cases, bed bug bites can lead to anaphylaxis, a condition in which airways become so swollen that the victim cannot breathe properly or at all. You may not even be aware that you are allergic to bed bugs until you are exposed to a bite, and symptoms can become serious in a very short amount of time.



Bed bugs are not known to carry any infectious diseases but you can get an infection from their bites. This happens when victims scratch the itchy bites, causing wounds and a way for bacteria to be introduced into the body. The Environmental Protection Agency states that bed bug bites cause infections like impetigo, echthyma, and lymphangitis. These are serious infections that can lead to death if not treated properly. Since bed bugs attack and feed at night, you can scratch at the locations of their bites without even knowing, exposing yourself to possible infection.

Lack of Sleep


Everyone knows how important it is to get enough sleep. A bed covered in crawling, biting parasites is not a good environment to get proper sleep. Victims of bed bug infestation are much more restless during the night, lowering their chances of healthy, restful sleep. Lack of sleep causes exhaustion, irritability, and inability to concentrate. Prolonged lack of sleep can cause loss of appetite, depression, anxiety, and in severe cases, psychosis and hallucinations. In children, lack of proper sleep can cause lifelong sleep disorders, like insomnia and developmental problems.

Mental Health Problems


A bed bug infestation and all of the medical problems already listed can cause psychological problems, as well. People dealing with bed bugs commonly experience anxiety, depression, and irritability. This ends up creating problems in their daily lives. Work productivity slows down, daily tasks are neglected, and relationships suffer. Stress about the bed bugs interferes with many aspects of your life, and underlying physical or psychological disorders can be greatly exacerbated. Bed bugs are bad for you, physically and mentally.

Eliminate Bed Bugs Health Risks


The only way to eliminate the risks associated with a bed bug infestation is to get rid of the bed bugs. The most effective methods of bed bug elimination is with a professional exterminator.

Bug Evictors uses equipment and treatment options providing eco-friendly and effective control of bed bugs. Treatments may differ from one home to another, depending on circumstances and severity. All of the products we use for bed bug treatment are insecticides registered for this purpose only. We provide bed bug treatments for homes, hotels and motels, apartment complexes and multi-unit dwellings, hospitals, long-term care facilities – anywhere bed bug activity occurs. If you suspect or know you have a bed bug infestation, contact us today at or 904-783-2425 to eliminate your bed bugs health risks. Our team will professionally and thoroughly eliminate this aggravating household pest from your home.

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